Sales & Marketing

We offer Business Case Development, Bid-No Bid Decisions, Capture Plans, Key Message generation, Copy Writing, Editorial and stunning Executive Summaries.

Competitive Tendering

We offer turnkey proposal production, including design, drafting, graphics, formatting, editing, proofing and publishing in hard and soft copy. We have bid management processes and tools to deliver a highly compliant tender in a strong sales and marketing wrapper.

Evaluation Insight

The way to win a competitive tender is to score the highest marks in the technical, commercial and financial evaluation. We analyse the ITT/RFP and construct a response template that targets the evaluation criteria and evidence requirement. We offer insight into the evaluation methodologies and scoring models used in major procurements and respond using our REWARD® bid process.

High-Impact Graphic Design

Our integrated graphics design team ensures consistent themes flowing naturally through the production of covers, dividers, enhanced smart response templates, impressive graphics and multimedia presentations.

Advice, Training and Mentoring

With over 20 years of bidding and a success rate of 80%, we offer bid team training and mentoring. This service is invaluable to novice Bid Directors and Bid Managers. We are happy to act as a sounding board and provide specialist advice. Successful bidding needs successful decision making, which is not always easy or clear cut. As this is our core business, we have seen most scenarios before and understand best practice.

Emergency Bid Rescue and Recovery… Call us!

This premium service offers a chance to recover bids that have fallen behind schedule or quality, often as late as a final review or sign-off failure. An experienced team is quickly deployed to review responses against the requirement and enhance evaluation scores with a rapid sales and marketing edit.

  • “Thanks… we’re obviously very pleased with the outcome. According to TCE we had a very well prepared bid, so you’ve got to take some of the credit for that.”

  • “I would also like to thanks you for your great contribution during our bid preparation.”

  • “The efforts of Andrew, Peter and Yourself have helped greatly this year, with the team experiencing continued delivery and bid success.”